ERP and Business Services

The activities of Business Services Department of Stemo are directed to the field of business management and ERP. We offer services that are based on SAP technologies and enable our customers to dynamically adapt its organization to the requirements and conditions of the market. The systems that we deploy, manage relationships with customers, suppliers, logistics partners, financial service providers, employees, etc., which results to greater efficiency and profitability for the businesses.


Stemo is a SAP Gold Partner and has a professional team of specialists who help customers implement and integrate SAP solutions, optimize their business processes by providing strategic advice and consultancy. Years of experience allows the company to cover all stages of the life cycle of information systems - an important prerequisite for the successful and effective implementation of complete solutions for business management:


  • Overall planning and management of activities in implementation of systems for business management;
  • Research and analysis of business processes of the customer organization, proposals for their optimization, professional advice on necessary changes to the organizational structure and processes;
  • Assessment of the required scope of the management systems in accordance with customer expectations, scale and trends of business development;
  • Adaptation of the information systems to the requirements and processes of the organization and the individual concept of the project;
  • Coordination of the implementation with the implementing team and departments of the organization to achieve project goals;
  • Control and measure the quality of services provided at each stage of the works, based on global best practices;
  • System integration of the IT infrastructure on which SAP is implemented - hardware platforms, databases, systems fro data storage and protection of information, computer and communications networks, mobile devices, etc.;
  • Building competencies through a comprehensive model for the transfer of know-how and training of users to maximize the effectiveness of implementation of the system;
  • Maintenance, optimization and development of business management systems;
  • Active and effective support for the realization of business objectives of the clients.


Additional serviced provided by the Business Solutions Department:

  • Project management by using methodology ASAP Focus;
  • Integration of SAP with external systems and industrial controllers for production facilities management;
  • Implementation of complete systems All-in-One - all from a single provider with a single point of contact and responsibility;
  • Licensing and active support of implemented SAP All-in-One Systems.


Stemo applies SAP best practices for implementation of business management systems in the following key industries:

  • Discrete manufacturing - machinery, production of industrial goods, furniture, packaging industry, etc.;
  • Process industries - food industry, production of aggregates and construction materials, pharmaceutical and chemical industry;
  • Mining - mining of copper ores and copper concentrate, coal mining;
  • Distribution and Retail;
  • SAP Business All-in-One - basic localization package for Bulgaria.


Projects completed by the Business Services Department.

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