Business System Analyst

Reference Number: BSA11

• Opportunity to participate in large and diverse projects of national importance;
• Opportunity for rapid development and improvement of the accumulated knowledge and skills;
• Opportunity for flexible working hours;
• A team of highly qualified professionals ready to share their knowledge and skills;
• Competitive remuneration based on qualifications and results achieved;
• Work atmosphere with a focus on continuous improvement of processes and organization of work.

• Participates in the development of project proposals, technical proposals and offers for software development;
• Collecting information about the client's IP requirements;
• Business and systematic analysis of the collected requirements;
• Preparation of functional and other specifications, as well as prototyping of the user interface;
• Modeling business processes using BPMN 2.0;
• Delivers analysis results to users and development team, assisting both parties in achieving a common and complete understanding of the requirements.
• Evaluates the importance of requirements and assists the team in assessing the burden of meeting them.
• Assists actively in managing the scope of the project;
• In developing its own software products, participate as a "product owner";
• Participation in acceptance tests with the client of the developed software products;

• Analytical and innovative thinking and ability to find original and effective solutions to business problems;
• Abstract and object-oriented thinking (objects, attributes of objects and links between them);
• Ability to apply business process and data modeling techniques using standard modeling language (UML, BPMN);
• Ability to apply techniques to extract IP development requirements;
• Communication, teamwork, presentation skills and attention to detail;
• Knowledge of software development and implementation processes;
• The desire to achieve high results and continuous professional development;
• Knowledge and experience with MS Excel and MS Word;

• Experience in analyzing and specifying IP for public administration;

• Experience in analyzing and specifying electronic administrative services and implementing WEU;
• Previous experience as a software implementation and maintenance specialist or quality assurance specialist (tester);
• Ability to work with software products to document and model requirements and prototype user interfaces (eg Enterprise Architect, Axure RP);
• Education in the field of information technology or a similar field;
• Knowledge of SQL and databases;
• Working English.

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