STEMO starts SAP Roll-Out projects at Xantis Pharma in the Czech Republic and Slovakia


After the successfully completed SAP ERP project in the multinational pharmaceutical company Xantis Pharma in Switzerland in the past 2017, from the end of July 2018 STEMO started a project for the implementation of SAP ERP in Finance and Logistics in the divisions of the company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The reason for choosing the Czech Republic for the next Roll-Out is that the logistics operations of the company are managed by the Prague office where the supply chain team is located as well as the financial department using the STEMO-implemented SAP system.


The scope of the project will fully cover the existing processes:


  • Financial Accounting and Assets (SAP FI and AA)
  • Controlling (SAP CO)
  • Supply and Stock Management (SAP MM)
  • Sales and Distribution Management (SAP SD)
  • Building interfaces with external systems


"The idea is to add 1 or 2 companies each year to the SAP system, which will fully exploit the capacity and productivity of our hardware resource without having to make a significant new investment in infrastructure." share from Xantis Pharma.

It is planned that the project will be completed for the short 5 month period for both countries. The ambitious plan  set by the parties is due to the excellent communication, the common understanding of the standardization of processes and the quality management of the project by the two companies.


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