i-Batt: STEMO and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences develop an innovative cloud intelligent battery management system


Since the end of July 2018 STEMO Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems "Academician Yevgeny Budevska" - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are working together to develop an innovative system that is expected to optimize the business cycle, charge and discharge the battery, which will lead to their longer use and, consequently, less frequent replacement, as well as increased energy efficiency in use. At the same time, the negative impact on the environment will be reduced by reducing the produced batteries which contain and for the production of which substances harmful to nature are used.


Major project activities are related to the carrying out of research, testing, measurements, as well as the creation and testing of prototypes in laboratory conditions related to the developed innovation; activities to acquire tangible and intangible assets needed for development, as well as intellectual property protection and visualization of the project.


Through IoT technology, the system will collect information on the operational characteristics of the managed batteries, on the basis of which optimal operating mode will be determined and applied. The system will be a combination of a centralized expert system and specialized equipment for monitoring and operational management. The expert system will be implemented as centralized software that will process large volumes of historical data on operating parameters and will provide analysis services and determine the best operating mode for the particular battery.


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In 2021, on the occasion of the anniversary of STEMO, we organized an afforestation campaign entitled GROWING TOGETHERI and we made a commitment to afforest 30 decares with new forest plantations in different places in Bulgaria.


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