STEMO implemented SAP ERP in the Swiss pharmaceutical company Xantis Pharma AG


Xantis Pharma is a multinational pharmaceutical sales and marketing company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and having a commercial presence through its own trade and marketing organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania.

STEMO executed the project according to the approved methodology for implementation of SAP ERP systems - ASAP at an entirely foreign client without any subsidiary in Bulgaria. With this project STEMO embarks on the competitive international market, which will be a company focus in the coming years.

The SAP ERP project sets out specific objectives to support Xantis Pharma in the following areas:


  • Business goals
    • Business Growth Support Information System
    • Real-time decision-making information
    • Integrity of information flows and accounting
    • Reduce operating costs, improve and automate business processes
    • Developing a business model in SAP, which will be implemented by other companies in the company


  • Operational objectives
    • Optimized management of master data for materials and contractors
    • Processing and analysis of sales data
    • Reduce the level of operational risk in business processes
    • Optimizing procurement, sales and financial accounting processes
    • Reduce manual data processing


The ERP system includes the following modules:

  • Financial Accounting and Assets (SAP FI and AA)
  • Supplies and Materials Management (SAP MM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)
  • Interface with electronic banking


The project was implemented in a very short time - 5 months. This is the result of Xantis Pharma's outstanding co-operative and project support, as well as the high professionalism and motivation of STEMO SAP consultants.

The whole infrastructure of the project is located in an outsourced Data Center and is monitored and administered by STEMO Managed Services team. Both the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)  model and proactive management help to ensure service quality (SLA), predict the maintenance cost of the SAP system and reduce Xantis Pharma's capital costs.

All support for the SAP system will also be taken over by STEMO.

The next year a roll-out project in a subsidiary of the client in the Czech Republic is planned.


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