STEMO supported the SHEleader @ digital 2018 conference


Prominent leaders and digital entrepreneurs across Europe gathered in Sofia on 12 April for the first SHEleader @ digital conference to hold a dialogue on leadership in the digital era and the role of women in the technology industry.

SHEleader @ digital aims to outline the impact of women on the transforming world and change the notion that the digital industry is more of a male territory. The conference emphasized the message that sustainable business and society development takes place in an environment where men and women have equal opportunities to participate according to their talent and ideas.
"SHEleader @ digital brings together women leaders from Europe to stimulate dialogue on the role of women in the digital economy, to look for the dimensions of women's leadership and to bridge the new generation of female entrepreneurs," said Sasha Bezuhanova, founder of BCWT .

Among the leading guests and lecturers of SHEleader @ digital were Maria Gabriel - European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Sasha Bezuhanova - founder of BCWT and MOVE.BG, Mina Dimitrov - Head of Central Go To Market, Google EMEA, Mary-Joe Lewis - Founder of Women in Cyber Security, Sabela Garcia - Questa - Director of Next Media Accelerator, Marjena Bieselska - Co-founder of Experior Venture Fund, Lina Salanauskaite - researcher at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)
SHEleader @ digital is organized by the Bulgarian Center for Women in Technology, in partnership with the Ministry of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

You can see the whole event HERE -


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