Integrated Systems

The modern corporate datacenters increasingly are facing an inability to cope with rising workloads associated with multiple simultaneous operations in the Cloud, Big Data, desktop and server virtualization, EaaS. Simultaneously, the financial budgets for introduction of modern IT are constantly shrinking, along with growing expectations of a quick return of investment. Integrated systems can be your answer to this complex technological puzzle.

Converged, hyper-converged, blade infrastructures are integrated approach to modern data centers. Whether they are produced with predefined parameters or fully flexible, the integration allows to provide reliable computing, storage, network and software systems that are also flexible, highly scalable, easy to deploy and manage.

Converged Systems

Consolidate computing, storage, networking and software resources into a system optimized for virtualization and variety of workloads.

Blade Systems

Unified IT infrastructure management platform that accelerate services delivery.

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