S4Factory for the intelligent manufacturing enterprise

S4Factory.bg - a package solution for manufacturing companies by STEMO

The SAP team of STEMO has developed a ready-made package solution, which is an intelligent business management system for manufacturing companies, and includes:

  • Predefined business processes
  • Complete project documentation
  • Established implementation methodology
  • System in operation for 4 to 6 months
  • Fixed budget
  • Scalable solution
  • Adaptable to foreign markets
  • Quick results

The aim of the development is to create an affordable solution suitable for small and medium businesses, based on S4HANA. S4Factory combines the best world practices of SAP, together with the experience gained from our successful projects and the requirements of the Bulgarian market.


What does the S4Factory solution include?

Predefined business processes covering key areas in manufacturing companies. The system implements the steps for registration of the respective business process, as well as all printed documents and reports. The clients also receive complete project documentation, including:

  • Detailed description and diagrams of the business processes
  • System operation manuals
  • Test scenarios

Short term for project implementation within 4-6 months. Throughout the project period - from the signing of the contract to its successful completion, you are aware of what you will receive, the current stage of implementation and exactly what you have to pay.

The package solution includes the necessary basic processes, but it can be scaled together with your business. In case your business expands beyond the borders of the country, your package solution can be easily adapted to new markets. The localization of SAP for the respective countries plays an important role here.

After the implementation of the solution, as a result of the automation and optimization of repetitive operations, which are usually more than 50% of all activities, within up to three months our customers report a significant reduction in information processing time. In the short term after the implementation, significant improvements are observed in:

  • Company cash flow
  • Warehouse inventory management
  • Significant simplification of the supply process


Business requirements for ERP

Based on our many years of experience and the good practices of SAP for S4HANA, we have summarized the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses specializing in the field of production to an ERP system:

  • To provide all necessary business processes
  • Flexible solution with an option for future development
  • Reasonable budget and resources that can be easily allocated
  • Predictable price
  • Proven implementation methodology
  • Easy to use
  • One contractor for all requirements


The registration of all business processes in a single integrated system for quick access to information for operational and management decisions is one of the main requirements set by every business. Naturally, the requirements of SMEs differ from the priorities of corporate clients, for which other factors are decisive when choosing a management system.

Very often, the systems used do not have the ability to follow the development of the company or make changes to them related to changes in business processes is a complex and expensive procedure. That is why it is important that the implemented solution is flexible, allows for development and has the potential to meet the new requirements of the company.

Every company expects to achieve the desired results with a reasonable budget. One of the main factors for the success of the project is the provision of the necessary resources, which can be divided into hardware infrastructure, software and people. It is important for each company from the very beginning to determine the commitment of employees to the implementation of the project.

One of the most common challenges in projects related to the introduction of new systems that affect the organization of work and the habits of employees is to provide support from the staff. Therefore, it is important that the system can be used easily after implementation.

When implementing complex projects, looking for different suppliers to implement the various phases and finding solutions to a number of issues, such as the need to purchase hardware or rent a cloud resource, often slow down the project and can create real risks for its implementation. Therefore, it is increasingly required that one supplier be able to complete all components of the project.


Scope of the solution

The S4Factory package solution is a set of predefined business processes, which are part of the good practices of SAP, adapted for Bulgaria. The following main functional areas are distinguished:



  • Master data management
  • Production planning
  • Production reporting


Sales management

  • Master data management
  • Credit lines
  • Sales of goods in stock
  • Sales of goods to be supply
  • Sales of services
  • Quotes and proforma invoices
  • Credit and debit notes


Procurement and warehouse

  • Master data management
  • Inventory planning
  • Requests
  • Purchase management
  • Returns to supplier
  • Material supply changes
  • Inventory
  • Intrastat



  • Product cost
  • Operation cost
  • Cost and revenue planning
  • Cost distribution
  • Cost centers accounting
  • Revenue centers accounting
  • Profitability analysis


Accounting and asset management

  • Accounting General Ledger
  • Accounting Receivables
  • Accounting Liabilities
  • Accounting Assets
  • End of period
  • External systems integration


Customer order production process

Production process as per a customer order. Supply of necessary raw materials:

 S4Factory - pic1



Manage your business intelligently with S4Factory, taking advantage of the experience of large companies, within a reasonable budget and in a short time. Reduce processing time and automate a large number of manual operations, which will allow you to focus on analyzing business results and making the right management decisions for the development of your business.

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