S4Trade for the intelligent commercial enterprise

S4Trade.bg - a package solution for commercial enterprises by STEMO

The SAP team of STEMO developed a comprehensive package solution to turn any business organization into an intelligent commercial enterprise. The solution provides the following advantages:

  • Predefined business processes
  • Complete project documentation
  • Established implementation methodology
  • System in operation for 4 to 6 months
  • Fixed budget
  • Scalable solution
  • Adaptable to foreign markets
  • Quick results


Standard business requirements for ERP

  • To provide all necessary business processes
  • Flexible solution with an option for future development
  • Reasonable budget and resources that can be easily allocated
  • Predictable price
  • Proven implementation methodology
  • Easy to use
  • One contractor for all requirements


Solution scope

Business processes part of the package solution (by functionalities):


Sales management

  • Master data management
  • Credit lines
  • Quotes and proforma invoices
  • Sale of services
  • Sale of goods in stock
  • Sale of goods to be supplied
  • Credit and debit notes


Procurement and warehouse

  • Master data management
  • Inventory planning
  • Requests
  • Purchase management
  • Returns to supplier
  • Materials changes
  • Inventory
  • Intrastat



  • Cost centers accounting
  • Revenue centers accounting
  • Profitability analysis


Accounting and asset management

  • Accounting General Ledger
  • Accounting Receivables
  • Accounting Liabilities
  • Accounting Assets
  • End of period
  • External systems integration


Sales of goods in stock

Process of selling goods from a warehouse including invoice issuing and payment:


 S4Trade - pic1


Sales with supply of goods

Process of selling goods including purchase go goods from a supplier, invoice receipt and payment:


S4Trade - pic2

Manage your business intelligently with S4Trade, taking advantage of the experience of large companies, within a reasonable budget and in a short time. Reduce processing time and automate a large number of manual operations, which will allow you to focus on analyzing business results and making the right management decisions for the development of your business.

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