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STEMO is an authorized services provider of HPE, HPCisco, NetApp, Fujitsu, Dell, ToshibaCanon, Xerox, LexmarkSamsung, Lenovo, Epson, LG, Microsoft, BenQ, Logitech, Labtec, D-Link, Apacer, Trust, Crypto, Transcend, 3M. We put significant efforts and resources to guarantee that our service activities conform to the high standards of these leading world manufacturers - effective internal organization, high professionalism, quick and quality repairs, wide range of spare parts available, mobility, attention and responsiveness to each customer.



Service specialists

The service specialists of STEMO have versatile professional experience in installation, maintenance and repair of computer and office equipment. They are certified in accordance with the qualification programs of the manufacturers, covering their high requirements and standards.


Territorial coverage

The support services organization of STEMO provides high efficiency and quality of customer service throughout the country. To ensure maximum convenience and to save time of the customers there is an opportunity to send the defective product to the STEMO’s service center by a courier directly from the client's address. Calling 0700 17 978 the customers can receive assistance, useful information or remote diagnostics of the defective product. In all branch offices of the company are established service centers that support the customers of STEMO in the region. Depending on the service level agreement SLA, the customers can get a visit on-site at guaranteed response times, troubleshooting, free spare parts or other special services.


Facilities and spare parts

The service centers of STEMO have modern facilities, vehicles, tools and equipment to perform quality diagnostics and repairs. We maintain a substantial stock of spare parts which are delivered directly from the manufacturers.


Information system

The information system enables management and control in real time of all service activities and processes. The system provides customers with updated information on the status of their service orders through sms, e-mail messages and directly in the website of the company.



The service support of STEMO has a hotline 0700 17 978, where customers can get assistance, useful information or remote diagnostics. It maintains a high level of maintenance services and ensuring maximum reaction speed, efficiency and quality of service throughout the country.



Today the organizations need secure and reliable services for maintenance and support that enable fast and flexible business. The new business environment requires new support services. STEMO offers a complete portfolio of support services your business can rely on.


Warranty Support

STEMO provides warranty support for the biggest manufacturers in the field of information technology. The main support service center has a capacity of 5000 repairs per month, has automated repair process and ten own service bases in Bulgaria. We offer possibility of remote diagnostics, visit the client's site, delivery of repaired product by courier or visit to our workshop. We provide transparency of the whole repair process through different ways of notification to the customers - by SMS, email, or call to our Contact Center. We cover the territory of Bulgaria and perform maintenance services on the territory of some neighboring countries - Romania, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.


Post Warranty Support

This service extends the period of warranty or service level that customers receive with the standard warranty support. It takes effect after the expiry of the standard warranty. During the extended warranty period the definition of manufacturer's warranty (factory) defect is taking in respect. Repairs are carried out with original spare parts by qualified professional of STEMO. The post warranty support increases the efficiency of investment customers made in IT infrastructure.


Product Lifecycle Management

This is an opportunity for organizations to outsource their activities related to the maintenance and lifecycle management of IT infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their core business. With this type of support a SLA contract with precisely defined scope and parameters for availability of services (8х5, 24x7, etc.) is signed. The response time for eliminating the problem is defined. This cooperation is a set of managed services that are developed according to best international practices and ITIL and are certified according to ISO 20000.


Building of IT Infrastructure

Specialized services including complex infrastructure solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.


Modernization of Information Systems

Integration services, providing hardware or software compatibility, increased efficiency and fast, introduction of new tools and methods of communication. Professional Consultations provided by the service of STEMO related to the effective use of computer equipment and software, selection of computer products, expansion and upgrading of information systems, backup and data protection, solving technical problems and more.


Delivery and Installation

Delivery, installation and introductory training for working with the newly acquired equipment and software, etc.

STEMO has extensive and diverse experience in the support servicing of computer equipment and information systems of the biggest Bulgarian corporate organizations, SMBs and individuals. Every day our professionals solve various problems and save time and money of our clients.


Contact us for fast and reliable solution to your IT problems.


Projects fulfiled by the Support Services Department of STEMO.

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