Post-warranty Services

The post-warranty servicing of the equipment is performed ONLY after request to the Support Center.

Procedure for warranty and post warranty service:

  1. The customer declares the need for warranty or post-warranty service of equipment by calling the Support Center's national number or sending an email to support@stеmо.bg
  2. The Support Center accepts the request by specifying the service parameters with the customer.
  3. The customer sends the device to the Support Center with a courier *.
  4. The Support Center is repairing the device.
  5. The repaired device is returned with a courier * at the address specified by the customer.

For post-warranty service, the customer pays the courier service at his own expense.



Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment "on-site" according to STEMO's maintenance contracts remains unchanged and is done according to the manufacturer's terms and / or the relevant contracts SLA.

The local service sites of STEMO in the towns of Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Varna, Rousse, Burgas, Pleven, Stara Zagora and Blagoevgrad will not accept equipment ofr repair.

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