STEMO turned 30!


For 30 years, the company in which we have the privilege, honor and responsibility to work for has turned from a small software company to a national leader in the field of information and communication technologies.

We are paving the way. We work boldly, persistently and professionally to be helpful to customers, people in the company and society, providing high quality products and services in the field of information technologies.

As an organization that has achieved leading positions in its field and a high public prestige, we consider it our duty to subordinate every action to this mission, to keep and develop our achievements.

Our value system covers the customers, the people in the company, the partners, the products and services, the information technology, the environment, the society and all the important factors determining the company ability to vitalize and develop:

We are responsible citizens for whom the nature matters. In 2021, on the occasion of the anniversary of STEMO, we organized an afforestation campaign entitled GROWING TOGETHER! and we made a commitment to afforest 30 decares with new forest plantations in different places in Bulgaria. We believe that the information technologies can help building a sustainable human community that is capable to regenerate by protecting and improving the environment.

We all are friends at STEMO! 2021 is the year in which we will celebrate the anniversary on various occasions. Share our positive excitement and let us follow our dreams for many years being in one of the most stable companies, in one of the most dynamic areas of the present and the future, in which we have the pleasure to work and to



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